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HKCC, being the window of China into the Middle-East and Africa, has completed many projects with both governmental and private sectors.

HKCC, currently represents Chinese -state-owned diversified and comprehensive large consortiums which posses qualifications and records of super fine housing construction general contracts, first level of construction decoration and first level of mechanical and electric equipment installing, covering industries from construction, installation, decoration, design, supervision, and building machinery with their own labor service, which have already started their work in both the Middle East and Africa.

HKCC, represents Railway construction corporations which have national special grade qualifications for contracting the railway and highway engineering construction projects along with building bridges, tunnels, and urban tracks.
HKCC also represents professional engineering enterprises in electric power sectors spanning from thermal projects, nuclear power projects, and gas fired power projects, to water conservancy and hydro power industries, including nuclear and construction corporations.

As for the military aspect, HKCC supplied governments in the Middle East and Africa with, Military uniforms, boots, shoes, underwear, blankets, socks, jackets, bags, tents, sleeping bags, mats, and lamb meat. It has also supplied their Police department with Police uniforms, boots, shoes, socks, shirt fabrics, underwear, jackets, coveralls, work wears, and plastic hand cuffs. HKCC has also supplied governmental stores with its complete products ranging from its stationary and personal supplies, to its foodstuff.

HKCC with its solid and comprehensive background provided different private sectors with comprehensive building materials varying from, Mosaic, Ceramic tiles, Wooden doors, Sanitary ware, Granite, Ductile pipes,  Steel pipes , and Furniture. It has also provided them with meat products ranging from Lamb meat 6 ways cut, Lamb meat complete carcasses, Lamb butterfly chops, Lamb forequarter, Lamb rack and Lamb leg

Mainly in Africa, HKCC, has finalized various mechanical mining, ductile iron pipes and fittings, steel structure and color steel rolled plate projects, along with the provision of LPG gas cylinders, Iron Ore supplies, scrap material, sulphur and factory machinery.

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